History of Comic Strips

Who can resist the peanuts? Have you been reading Farside? Oh did you see Dagwood? Comic strips have a long and interesting history.

Comic strips have not always been just funny and humorous little strips for people to read in the paper. Many comic strips were created as serial short stories. You could read the strip to find out what was going to happen next. It had a plot. There are characters to love and characters to hate.

According to Wikipedia a comic strip is defined as a story told with pictures. By this definition the comic strips have been around since Eygptian times. The Eygptians would tell stories of historical events and about the gods with pictures on the wall and tablets. The pyramids of many famous pharaoh are lined with tons and tons of the first comic strips.

In the 20th century comic strips were brought to American media. Comics were told with balloon talking and other symbols. Pictures told words through the balloons. These were published in newspapers. Later collections of comic strips would put together to form what became known as the comic book. Many original comic books are worth tons of money as collector’s items.

Comic strips affect our society today. There are numerous comic strips that have been made into movies. One of the most popular ones is the Spiderman series. Spiderman was originally a comic strip and then a comic book.
From the Eygptians to the Spiderman movies on the big screen today, comic strips have played a great role in history. They are still fun today to read and watch. Comic books are huge collector items worth tons of money.

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