Jingle Bell Rock the Gift of Music at Christmas

Have you ever met anyone who can honestly say that they hate music? From heavy metal through classical to laidback easy listening jazz, everyone has their favourite types of music, bands and artists so why can it be such a challenge to find musically themed Christmas Gifts?

Discounting the cheap teddy (oh-so-readily available) that blares out Jingle Bells when you squeeze its paw, and for some reason you can never find the replacement batteries for, when it’s worn out by the second of December, and rejecting the ‘Christmas Hits’ album, usually free with your Sunday newspaper (and to be honest that would be a present worthy of Scrooge anyway!), what sort of Christmas Gifts can you bestow upon the music fanatic, young or old?

Of course, there’s always the option of the traditional CD, where the good, the bad and the ugly (Bob the Builder anyone?) are whisked off the supermarket shelf in the inevitable scramble for Gifts and presented to wary recipients. But let’s face it, unless the CD is a perfect choice, it could end up in the jumble sale box of unwanted Christmas Gifts by New Year’s Day.

So what are the alternatives? Tired of traipsing round old record shops looking for musical Gifts amidst crowds of angry shoppers, and ready to give the next person who elbows you in the back a red nose to rival Rudolph’s, then it is possible to opt for more original Christmas Gifts. The humble mix tape, often forgotten and overlooked in today’s digital era, has been revived in the novel form of a USB stick hidden in a cassette shape (a USB Mix Tape); same old personal and sentimental value but modern and innovative. For the party animal who loves their music loud, maybe some ice cubes shaped like electric guitars and music notes, and some ear plugs for the neighbours!?

The teenager that may scorn CDs as out-dated technology could appreciate the more fashionable Gifts such as the extensive range of iPod and mp3 player accessories that are now available.

Then there’s the option of Christmas Gifts that inspire musical creativity for the owner. An electric guitar, a keyboard, or a set of drums could be a dream (and rather expensive) present, but you can expect to kiss goodbye to your ‘Silent Nights’ and wake up with a headache resembling a killer hangover after the office party if the Christmas Gifts are well used. Perhaps the aspiring rock star may instead be grateful to receive a personalised music legend calendar where they can finally see their name in lights. For the chance to become a true star and top the charts, you could give someone a voucher for a session in a professional recording studio. Everyone’s got to start somewhere!

For those who already have a record collection to rival a large music store, maybe consider practical Christmas Gifts such as A-Z CD dividers, to organise their music and to enable them to find that dusty, forgotten album easily and quickly.

For Gifts that are thoughtful and personal, perhaps consider a shared experience, for example tickets to a gig or a concert. Following the recent TV trend of shows such as ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ and ‘Any Dream Will Do’ a dancing lesson or theatre break would make excellent and unforgettable Christmas Gifts. Alternatively, it is now possible to select any number one record and to set it in a personalised plaque that can be hung up on the wall as a unique and individual present.

However, it’s important to remember not to get too stressed by the frantic rush of buying last minute Gifts and to enjoy yourself and relax over the festive season. Maybe take some ‘me-time’ and treat yourself to a calming, chill-out CD and a glass of mulled wine as you put your feet up (or even as you wrap the Christmas Gifts). The perfect musical indulgence!

Music is such an essential part of Christmas; children chanting ‘Away in a Manger’ in the annual Nativity tableau, carol singers in the street and ‘Fairytale of New York’ on repeat in every shop in town. Musical Gifts make brilliant presents and with such an array of musical books, posters, CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, sheet music, gig tickets, theatre tickets, concert tickets and even musically themed cufflinks on the internet and on the High Street there are bound to be some Christmas Gifts to suit even the fussiest musical enthusiast this festive season.

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