Nokia N73: entrant of Nokia N series

nokia_n73_largeShare what you see with your loved ones; as now with the Nokia N73 user can enjoy capturing and sending the photos. Well, Nokia N73 is a recent entrant into Nokia’s N series offering best features of computers on user’s palm. Nothing more, but Nokia N73 is advanced version of N70 enclosed with the extraordinary features of camera in it and followed by other high-tech features like quad band connectivity, multimedia functions, intuitive designing and so on.

Nokia N73 is the blessing for all the people who are into photography; with N73 camera functions user can bring out their hidden photography talents. Nokia N73 supports 3.2 Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus and support for Internet communities like Flickr which provides complete package of any digital camera. With Nokia N73 user enjoys high print quality photos and video recording to add in your memorable album. Nokia N73 supports Flickr; the world’s largest photo sharing community from where user can upload pictures on the Flickr website and share them. Moreover, it too allows user to create a slide show with pan and zoom effect and add to it a soundtrack of your choice. So, if you especially emphasizing on photography then Nokia N73 shows outstanding performance.
Nokia N73 is a 3G smartphone measuring the dimensions of just 110x49x19mm and weighing a mere 116 grams; which is considered as a thinner and lighter smartphone in the market. With the extraordinary camera it too offers other features like music player, FM radio, video calling and loads of memory.

With Nokia N73, user can uphold mobile phone with the computer-generated functions. Making the things easier for any professionals N-series predominantly run on Symbian Operating System which makes the task easier for any user. This is so, as Nokia N73 comes with Quick Office document readers for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF reader.

In the Nokia N73 mobile phone has evoked a sense of oneness among music lovers. The Phone supports a RealPlayer media player, music player, FM radio and Visual radio to represent music in every sphere of communication. The users can access to music and information together with the assist of music player and FM radio

Nokia N73 offers user with the supremacy of mobile communication is largely depended on entertainment provided to the users. Nokia N73 supports Java technology to download games from the internet.

User can avail Nokia N73 from various online shops and retailing sites. So, if you are looking for the phone that offers extraordinary camera functions and embedded with the other advanced functions then Nokia N73 is the best choice.

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